ARPINGE: ARchitetti (Architects) Periti Industriali (Industrial Engineers) INgegneri (Professional Engineers) GEometri (Surveyors)
Arpinge derives from “technical” social security funds, which represent the main professions active in the area: Architects, Industrial Engineers, Professional Engineers, and Surveyors.
Arpinge owes its name to the Founding Shareholders, but it is above all open to other institutional investors – especially social security funds – which share its goals and values.
INARCASSA, Cassa Geometri and EPPI, Arpinge’s three Founding Shareholders, represent a total of 267,000 members and manage assets of over EUR 14 billion (2018 figures).

Cassa Geometri

The Cassa Italiana di Previdenza e Assistenza dei Geometri liberi professionisti (Italian Welfare and Social Security Fund for Freelance Surveyors), was established in 1955 as a public institution for social security and welfare for Surveyors. It was privatised on 1st January 1995 and transformed into a private institution with its current name and has over 84,000 members.

It has assets of approximately EUR 2.4 billion.

All freelance surveyors enrolled on the national professional register who practise the profession, even discontinuously and non-exclusively, are members of Cassa Geometri.
Cassa Geometri provides pensions, welfare benefits and a wide range of integrated welfare services.


EPPI is the Ente di Previdenza dei Periti Industriali e dei periti industriali laureati (Social Security Body for Industrial Engineers and Graduate Industrial Engineers).

Founded in 1997 pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 103/96, it deals with the compulsory  welfare scheme of all industrial experts enrolled in special colleges, who are self-employed in various areas. The protection also extends to family members and entitled heirs.

It has around 14,000 members and assets of over EUR 1,3 billion.


INARCASSA is the Cassa Nazionale di Previdenza ed Assistenza per gli Ingegneri ed Architetti Liberi Professionisti (Italian Welfare and Social Security Fund for Freelance Professional Engineers and Architects). It has around 169,000 members, of which 30% are under 40 years of age while the pensioners are almost 34,000. It has assets of EUR 10,6 billion.
It provides social security for self-employed professional engineers and architects and have no other insurance and pension coverage.
INARCASSA provides pensions (old age, retirement, disability, invalidity, survivor’s, survivorship and indirect) and welfare benefits to members.