Environmental and social sustainability has always been at the center of AEER’s business.

The company is strongly focused on accelerating the transition to a low greenhouse gas emission economy, in line with the Paris Agreement and European Union targets of achieving zero net emissions by 2050.

By adopting the highest SRI (Social Responsible Investment) standards, we aim to generate a tangible positive impact on the territories in which we operate, creating social and environmental value alongside economic returns. In particular, the AEER Group orients its strategy and activities towards the pursuit of the following Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations:

Our ESG strategy is geared towards ensuring the long-term resilience of the business and the creation of shared value for our investors and all other stakeholders. Consistent with this spirit, AEER promotes an investment model that considers the economic, social and environmental aspects of its business initiatives in an integrated manner and monitors the results at all stages of investment.

The Group’s portfolio, made up of 100 per cent renewable energy plants, generates clean energy each year for a population of 270,000 people equivalent, avoiding atmospheric emissions of around 95,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases. To achieve the same positive effect, one and a half million trees would have to be planted each year and grown for the next 10 years.